Why Do Abilene Armadillos Dig Holes? What This Means for Homeowners!

The Abilene armadillo may appear to be a small and harmless creature. However, their digging habit can destroy our lawn and dislodge the soil that is holding the foundation of our house. The armadillo’s hole will be common during the summer and spring season. In order to prevent the armadillos from digging in your lawn, you will need to determine the root cause of their action.

Reasons Why the Armadillos Are Digging Holes in Your Lawn

The Texas armadillo can easily cause damage in your yard that will amount to around $1,000. In case you notice the sign of armadillo infestation, you will need to take care of them before they can cause any type of damages. After they realized that your yard contains a huge amount of food, they will decimate it in a short time frame.

Looking for Abilene Food

The first possible reason why the armadillo is digging holes in your yard is because they are hungry. This means that they have discovered a food source in your yard. Due to their nature, they will continue digging holes in your garden until they’ve extracted all food. This will mean that your entire garden will be decimated. The armadillos are known as opportunistic eaters. And they have a tendency to exploit the food source until it has been depleted. 

Armadillo will love the taste of the larva of the Japanese beetle. This can often be found in our yard during the spring season and the early part of the summer. Once the larva developed into a beetle, the insect will then leave your property. This will eliminate the primary food source of the armadillo. After this, the creature will then focus on the ants and worms. 

Building Burrows

The Texas armadillo just like the skunk will create two types of holes, the holes that will be left after their hunting and the holes where they will retire after eating. The armadillo will build their burrows close to the food source. They can have at least 5 burrows that they will use for various purposes. It comes with different chambers that they use for raising their young, as a toilet, or for other purposes. This can be found below our shed or porch.

How to Deter Their Digging Habit

Now that you know the reason behind their digging habit, you can now find ways on how to discourage them from digging in your Texas yard. For instance, you can control the population of the insects in your yard. You should be careful when using insecticides or chemicals since most of them are corrosive. You can also remove the piles of bushes and woods in your yard since the armadillo can use this as covering.

Due to the damages that can be caused by their digging habit, you will need to look for a solution to your Abilene infestation at once. You can choose to employ the service of the experts that will provide you with different options on how you can end your infestation completely.

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