4 BEST Ways to Kill an Abilene Mole - Consider the Humane Option!

When you plan to exterminate the Abilene mole, the first thing that you should do is to look for the tunnels and runways and determine that you are indeed experiencing a mole invasion. The main tunnel can be found by looking at the mounds of soil. These have been created when the moles are still constructing the tunnels. The main tunnels will usually connect at least 2 runways.

Effective Ways to Kill a Mole

Moles are tiny burrowing Texas creatures that spend most of their time underground. Since they will eat pests, there are times that their presence will be beneficial for our yard. Unfortunately, their digging habit can make our lawn look unsightly. While we often remind you to use only the humane way to get rid of the wildlife creatures, there are still those homeowners who prefer the lethal method. In case you are determined to kill them, be sure that you will do it in an effective manner.

1. Lethal Traps

Scissor trap and harpoon trap are two lethal traps that you can use to kill the Texas mole. When setting up a harpoon trap, you will need to build a well on top of the active mole tunnel. Exert a decent amount of force on the tunnel that will cause the runway to collapse. Place the trap in alignment to the runway and press it down on the ground. On the other hand, setting up a scissor trap would be less complicated. You simply have to locate the runway of the mole. You may do this by sticking a steel rod on the ground. The steel rod will immediately slide down if you successfully hit the tunnel. Simply set the trap based on the instruction of the manufacturer.

2. Poison

We do not recommend the use of Abilene poison since this comes with adverse effect on our health and surrounding. Most poison will release a chemical that will irritate our respiratory tract. It can also contaminate the soil and water source. Your kids and pets can accidentally ingest the rodenticide due to their interesting appearance and sweet scent.

3. Fumigation

Just like poisons, we also do not recommend fumigation since it will not be the best solution for homeowners with respiratory problems. In addition, this has not been proven effective against mole infestation. You should never invest your hard-earned money on solutions that do not work effectively.

4. Shooting

While shooting the Texas moles in the head may be a better solution that the above methods, there are still issue in using this. Since most of them will spend a great deal of their time hiding underground, it may be difficult to spot them out in the open. There is also a possibility that using firearm is not allowed in your community so be sure to familiarize yourself first on the local regulation.

Using the lethal method will only deliver a short-term result especially if you failed to address the original reason of the Abilene mole invasion. You should call the professionals to help you identify a better solution.

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