Keeping Texas Pigeons as Pets - What to Prepare For!

Due to the cultural significance of the Abilene pigeons, there are proofs that they have been domesticated since the ancient period. They will be raised to provide foods or as an important part of a ritual. During the wars, the pigeons can carry the messages and even deliver medication that might help a gravely injured person. Today, they can still be utilized to deliver message. They are also being kept as pets for scientific experiments, and racing.

Why Texas Pigeons Make Excellent Pets

As long as you acquired the pigeons on a trustworthy supplier and you have the necessary papers that will prove that you did not forcefully remove the pigeon from its natural habitat, then you will be allowed to keep them as pets. Otherwise, keeping them for more than 48 hours in your house is considered illegal.

Pigeons are excellent Texas pets due to an array of reasons. They have an unobtrusive and quiet nature. It is also relatively easy to tame the pigeons. Once you receive it from the reputable supplier, they will be healthy. They are active like dogs but they do not demand much making them an excellent pet for the beginners. They are also inexpensive and only require a minimum amount of maintenance. However, there are still thing that you should know to ensure that the pigeons is receiving the best care.

Caring for the Abilene Pigeons

Before you even purchase a Texas pigeon, they should already have a loft. It should have enough space for food and water and it needs to be properly ventilated. The configuration of the structure should be able to protect them from the predators. Once you take the pigeon back home, you need to immediately introduce them to the loft. They require a large amount of water and should be fed twice a day. Inadequate food can lead to fights.

Grooming the Pigeon

Once the nails of the pigeon grow into considerable length, you will need to trim it. If the tip of their beak has grown excessively, it should be smoothened. There should be a bath bowl inside their loft that enables them to take a dip and clean their feathers. To keep them clean, you can also spray their feathers every other day.


Since they are active Texas animals, you will have to train them. The training should start 6 weeks after their birth. A huge amount of patience is needed to successfully train them. You need to keep them active on a regular basis. After the training, ensure that there will be sufficient water and sustenance inside their lofts. 

Keeping Abilene pigeons as pets would be an excellent choice as long as you acquire them from a reputable supplier. By providing them with the right attention and love, you can ensure that the pigeons would be an extraordinary and talented pet. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of veterinarians that can address the medical needs of the pigeon. Be sure that you already have a list of vets that can help you when your pigeon is sick.

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