Why Do Texas Rats Chew Wires? Risks Associated With Rats Present!

When you acquire the help of the professional Abilene rat removal company, it will not be surprising if they point out the chewed electrical wirings. Contrary to what most homeowners believe, the rats do not like the taste of the wires. They gnaw on the wires to control the growth of their teeth. Experts believe that their chewing will be more excessive once they have been poisoned. The best solution to avoid this situation is to execute preventative measures that will keep them outside our house.

Common Myths about the Habit of the Texas Rats to Chew Wires

With our long years of experience in the industry of rat removal, we have successfully solved a lot of rat infestation problems. Most of them have sustained damages on their electrical system. Our experience also allowed us to understand the common misconceptions that surround the rat and their habit of chewing wires.

You Have a Abilene Rat Infestation If Your Lights Are Flickering

In case your circuit breaking is tipping or if you experience a power outage, the Texas rats are not usually the one that you should blame. It is recommended to eliminate the other possibilities first before you assume that this is caused by a rat. If you think that there are no issues at the junction box, main panel, or your outlet or switch box, it is not time for you to look for the damage in your wirings.

Most of the Accidental Fires Are Due to the Rat-Chewed Wires

While exposed Abilene electrical wirings are indeed the major cause of fires in the US, we should not immediately think that this is caused by the rat. There are various reasons why the insulations of the wires will be damaged. Perhaps this is due to the natural wear and tear. It may also be caused by the constant rubbing of your electrical wires on a surface. It is probably the best time to replace your electrical wires.

The Rats Will Immediately Attack Our Wirings

The Texas rats do not necessarily target our wirings. Their excessive chewing habit is not always the one to blame on the damages in our electrical wires. The damages can be caused by the attempt of the rat to transfer from one point to another. The holes in the joint and the studs can provide them with an easy access. However, they will need to chew the corners of the holes to increase the size. This is why they will sometimes accidentally chew on the wires.

The Rat-Chewed Wires Will Instantly Spark

There are different reasons on why sparks can develop. For instance this can be due to the poor contact on the circuit path. In order for this to happen, the rats will need to chew up to the copper wires. This can also happen if the inner cable and the outer cable have touched each other. It will also be an issue if the path of the wire is conductive since this can indeed generate spark that will lead to fire.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding on the habit of the Abilene rats to chew wires. In order to avoid the worst situation, keep your house rat-proof by asking the help of the experts.

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